About the International Girl's House



A Community for Women in America’s Premier City

New York City is a top destination for travelers from both the United States and abroad.  Serving as the country’s doorstep to the world, the NYC metropolitan area is one of the most vibrant multicultural communities in the country where people come to discover the best that America has to offer.  The International Girl’s House provides a comfortable place for women to stay while exploring everything that this community can provide to curious travelers. 


The International Girl’s House is a project that builds upon the Detroit International House’s mission and vision.  Although this new community does not share the same location as DIH, it carries the same values in providing a safe and comfortable community to those who seek one.

Both of the communities in Detroit and NYC offer not just a place to stay, but also meaningful volunteer opportunities that contribute towards building a better environment for current and future residents.  Please reach out to us for more details regarding what opportunities may be possible at our respective locations depending on your availability and skills.